4th Grade Is Over w/Mikey Black

4th Grade is Over

I’m joined on this episode by my son, Mikey. Mikey is 9, soon to be 10, and is just finishing up 4th grade. We discuss what it was like for him in 4th grade this year. He shares what he liked the most, what he disliked, and what he is looking forward to for next year when he goes into 5th grade. He also shares a few of his favorite books and series so that others might check them out and enjoy them as much as he does. We conclude our conversation making a comparison to Minecraft and Roblox and he shares how Minecraft would be valuable to use at school and why. If you have any follow-up questions for Mikey about his time on the show or his plans for his own podcast, be sure to send those my way. You can do so on Twitter (@RGBlack316), on the show’s Facebook page (https://facebook.com/RandallBlackShow), or at RandallBlackShow.com/feedback.

Question of the Show

Our question of the show from April about personalized professional development received a response from Andrea Rush, a technology integration specialist in the Morgantown, WV area that I wanted to share on the show. You can find Andrea on Twitter with the handle @andrush029.

I’m going to suspend the question of the show feature for the time being. Flipgrid made some cryptic announcements about some changes to their service and asked for all grids to be password protected. While I wait to see what those changes may be the questions will be paused. Keep an ear out for when those may start up again soon.

A Great Educational Podcast

The EdTech Take Out

The description for this podcast says, “The edtech podcast that serves up a buffet of bite-sized technology tips for teachers!” This podcast is hosted by Jonathan Wylie (@jonathanwylie) and Mindy Cairney (@TeamCairney) from the Grant Wood AEA Digital Learning Team (@DLGWAEA) in eastern Iowa. They provide a refreshing take on educational technology based on their roles as technology facilitators for the schools and districts they work with. In each episode they share some quick educational technology goodies that Mindy has called “Tech Nuggets” and provide a broad range or tools and items that can help any educator to find something new to use in their classroom. Give them a listen and provide them with some feedback or a review. You can check out the show online at http://www.dlgwaea.org/podcast or in the podcatcher of your choice.

Upcoming Events and Announcements


Every Thursday at 9PM on Twitter – hosted by, friend of the show, Phil Strunk (@mrpstrunk). Phil works to get the questions posted ahead of time to help participants prepare for each session. 


The #WVEdChat is currently sitting in hiatus for the summer. If anything changes on that front I’ll be sure to announce it through my Twitter account (@RGBlack316).

West Virginia Summer Summit for Educational Excellence

These events will be taking place during two separate weeks in two separate locations. Both events will have similar structure and content but will still differ slightly.

Summit North – July 16-20 in Morgantown, WV at the Waterfront Marriott.

This event will feature a keynote address from Kathy Schrock (@kathyschrock), of SchrockGuide.net, on Tuesday July 17.

There will be content specific workshops on July 19 and 20 at various locations through the Morgantown-Fairmont-Bridgeport area.

Summit South – July 30-August 3 in Charleston, WV at the Charleston Civic Center. 

This event will feature a keynote address from Kate Kemler, Senior Research from Apple, on Tuesday July 31.

There will be content and discipline specific workshops on August 2 and 3 at various locations throughout the Charleston Metro area.

Information about both events can be found online at the West Virginia Department of Education website, but I’ve made it easier for you to get there by visiting RandallBlackShow.com/WVSummits.

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