TIS Reflection

I was recently presented with the following prompt to foster some critical thinking on my part: Reflect on why you decided to become a TIS: Think about why you decided to become a TIS.  Do you have a job that requires you to have the credential? Are you completing the program for your own personal […]

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Technology is NOT a Learning Outcome

I saw this tweet back in the summer and loved the image so much that I placed it on the back of my self-printed business cards. Something so simple is really so powerful. So many people think that they can just stick the students on some type of technology and it magically creates something great. […]

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WVDE WebTop YouTube Video Whitelist

A colleague of mine, Mr. Jason Jackson at Huntington East Middle School, recently created a video that shows teachers how to use the WVDE WebTop to request a video be Whitelisted for access through the state computer network. You can watch the clip here, or click more to see it embedded on this post. Not […]

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Common Sense Media

In my role as a Technology Integration Specialist (TIS), I have come across a lot of really outstanding resources during this school year.  Resources like GradeCam (http://www.gradecam.com) help to make the lives of teachers easier with their innovative ideas and intuitive interface. Rarely do I see a resource come along though that provides teachers with […]

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