What’s in Store for Cabell County Schools w/Ryan Saxe (Part 1)

https://pinecast.com/listen/575fd188-5498-489c-8728-411dcacae2d2.mp3What’s in Store for Cabell County Schools Today’s episode features part one of my conversation with Cabell County Schools Superintendent Ryan Saxe (Twitter). We talk about his return to West Virginia after a few years in Florida working for Manatee County Schools, the great things he has seen so far in Cabell County as he … Continue reading “What’s in Store for Cabell County Schools w/Ryan Saxe (Part 1)”

4th Grade Is Over w/Mikey Black

https://pinecast.com/listen/0aa8b2c7-49d4-41ba-80bf-7d0472b1402c.mp34th Grade is Over I’m joined on this episode by my son, Mikey. Mikey is 9, soon to be 10, and is just finishing up 4th grade. We discuss what it was like for him in 4th grade this year. He shares what he liked the most, what he disliked, and what he is looking … Continue reading “4th Grade Is Over w/Mikey Black”

What is a Freshman Academy and Why Should my High School Have One?

https://pinecast.com/listen/a446f182-4226-46e1-beb4-75494cec2504.mp3Freshman Academies: Today’s episode is a look at freshman academies and the impact they can have in a high school for the betterment of, not just the students, but the school as a whole. My guests are Bekka Atkins (email, Twitter) and Will Totten (email, Twitter, LinkedIn). Bekka Atkins is currently serving as the Academy … Continue reading “What is a Freshman Academy and Why Should my High School Have One?”

#PersonalizedPD w/Dr. Randall Sampson

https://pinecast.com/listen/eb48d439-7cc5-404b-82f1-571d1cba1381.mp3Today’s episode features Dr. Randall Sampson returning to the show to share some of the great things he is doing to help educators personalize their professional development. He talks about using Flipgrid and Wakelet to curate reflections and content and how educators can earn graduate credit towards salary advancement and re-certification. Question of the Show … Continue reading “#PersonalizedPD w/Dr. Randall Sampson”

Wins and Losses w/Phil Strunk

https://pinecast.com/listen/6db56239-fa30-44ff-afc0-b8c3a9bd724a.mp3Today’s episode features Phil Strunk (@MrPStrunk). Phil is a 7th grade social studies teacher at Johnson-Williams Middle School in Berryville, VA. He is also the host of the Wins and Losses podcast (https://winsandlosses.podbean.com) and founder of the #waledchat on Twitter. Phil, despite being early in his career, has a tremendous grasp on reflection as a … Continue reading “Wins and Losses w/Phil Strunk”

Coding and Computer Science Education, Part 3 w/Tamara Westfall

https://pinecast.com/listen/e643a8d0-ae43-44a9-b834-8ae8d56c9fc0.mp3Today’s episode is the final in a three part series on Coding and Computer Science Education. Today’s guest is Tamara Westfall. She is a Physics and Forensics teacher at Huntington High School in Huntington, WV. She has been working to directly implement aspects of coding and computer science into her classroom while also sponsoring the … Continue reading “Coding and Computer Science Education, Part 3 w/Tamara Westfall”