Equity Maps

https://pinecast.com/listen/3fcad7f8-0cfe-41ee-91d4-31b7e5fec490.mp3In the classroom it is often difficult to ensure that ALL of your students are engaged and taking part in the class discussion. Our goal should be for all students to take part in the class discussion at some point during the class period. The larger issue is how to do that. Equity Maps is … Continue reading “Equity Maps”

Minecraft: Education Edition 1.7 Update w/Code Builder Included

https://pinecast.com/listen/5886d145-9d61-4e18-b2e7-e5fa6602cdb0.mp3Microsoft’s recent update to version 1.7 of the Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) software has made it even easier for educators to incorporate the coding aspects into their Minecraft curriculum. Now that Code Builder is built-in to the M:EE software, students no longer need to run a separate program to learn and use Code Builder. They … Continue reading “Minecraft: Education Edition 1.7 Update w/Code Builder Included”

Ideas for Flipgrid Guest Mode

https://pinecast.com/listen/3fcb4167-42c3-4638-a94d-7e0ce16f27de.mp3With Flipgrid’s recent addition of Guest Mode, Kristin and Joe Merrill, Flipgrid Ambassadors from Florida, shared some fantastic ideas for using Guest Mode in their classrooms that I wanted to highlight on EdTech Shorts. Speak To An Expert Family Homework Schoolwide Challenges #GridPals Thank a Veteran You can check out the blog post where they … Continue reading “Ideas for Flipgrid Guest Mode”

Flipgrid Topic Guest Mode

https://pinecast.com/listen/3534bd69-733a-4743-8ebe-9ba10be9943a.mp3This past summer Flipgrid introduced the Grid Launchpad and it allowed users to tailor their grid security settings to be unique to their own learning community. Parents have wanted to see what their students were doing on Flipgrid, but could not do so in a way where the educator still had control. Now Flipgrid has … Continue reading “Flipgrid Topic Guest Mode”

Microsoft’s Immersive Reader on Flipgrid

https://pinecast.com/listen/38540812-e074-4084-a373-5785dbc3f866.mp3Microsoft has now integrated their Immersive Reader into Flipgrid. The Immersive Reader is a part of Microsoft’s Learning Tools accessibility tools for the classroom. It allows you to break down a text for students with learning difficulties. Students can begin using the Immersive Reader immediately on any topics. They simply click on the Immersive Reader … Continue reading “Microsoft’s Immersive Reader on Flipgrid”