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Rant Against Lazy High School Teacher

A great video to illustrate how that students need something different today.  I will readily admit that I taught this way for so long, but now refuse to do it.…

Loopy App Used on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

This has nothing to do with my TIS position or the schools, but I thought this video was amazing. Jimmy Fallon used Loopy, by A Tasty Pixel, from his iPad on…

What Can You Do With An iPad?

Amazing video here from Sean Junkins on the benefits of using iPads in the classroom:

How I See Social Media: Teacher vs. Students

Found this posted on Google+ and found it to be far too interesting not to share it. (From WeAreTeachers.com)

Technology is NOT a Learning Outcome

I saw this tweet back in the summer and loved the image so much that I placed it on the back of my self-printed business cards. Something so simple is…

Students Don’t Ask for PD

WVDE WebTop YouTube Video Whitelist

A colleague of mine, Mr. Jason Jackson at Huntington East Middle School, recently created a video that shows teachers how to use the WVDE WebTop to request a video be…

Common Sense Media

In my role as a Technology Integration Specialist (TIS), I have come across a lot of really outstanding resources during this school year.  Resources like GradeCam (http://www.gradecam.com) help to make…

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