Coding and Computer Science Education, Part 2 w/Teena Hine

Today’s episode is part two in the series focused on coding and computer science education. The guest today is Teena Hine (@STEAMPoweredWV). Teena is a third grade teacher and technology integration specialist at Tomahawk Intermediate School in Berkeley County, WV. She joins the show today to talk about some of the great things she is doing in her classroom and school, as well as the programs that are being implemented in Berkeley County as a whole.

Links that Teena Asked to be included in the show notes:

On October 25, 2017 Tech & Learning published an article by Lisa Gonzales called “Top 10 for PLNs.” In the article, Lisa outlines 10 great ways for educators to build their PLNs (professional learning networks) through social media tools, professional organizations and more. Be sure to give the article and read and pick up some great strategies to build your PLN.
The question of the show from the previous episode continues. What have you done to implement coding into the curriculum of your classroom? Share your responses by going to and looking for the 1/22/2018 Question of the Show grid. Response may be used on a future episode of the podcast.
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