Coding and Computer Science Education, Part 3 w/Tamara Westfall

Today’s episode is the final in a three part series on Coding and Computer Science Education. Today’s guest is Tamara Westfall. She is a Physics and Forensics teacher at Huntington High School in Huntington, WV. She has been working to directly implement aspects of coding and computer science into her classroom while also sponsoring the school’s Girls Who Code club. Her students have even begun to code music through Ear Sketch and some examples of their work are the segment transitions in this episode. You can contact Tamara through email at

The question of the show from the previous episode continues. What have you done to implement coding into the curriculum of your classroom? Share your responses by going to and looking for the 1/22/2018 Question of the Show grid. Responses may be used on a future episode of the podcast.

On a recent episode of the House of #EdTech podcast, Lindsy Stumpenhorst shared a great idea to help students think before they post online to social media. Check out the “Grandma Filter” and what I think about it in this episode.

A new friend of mine, Mr. Phil Strunk(@MrPStrunk), has a great podcast going called Wins and Losses. You can check it out at or in the pod-catcher of your choice. Phil will also be joining me on the next episode of the show to discuss his podcast, blogging, and his daily life as an educator.
Don’t forget that I’m giving away a copy of Learning Transformedby Eric Sheninger and Thomas Murray. To be eligible, simply give the show a rating and review in the pod-catcher of your choose. Then screenshot or take a picture of your review and send it to me through social media. You can find links to all my social platform accounts on the contact page at 

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