Coding, Drones, and 1:1 w/Rich Senatore

Rich Senatore works as a Technology Integration Specialist at Mylan Park and Suncrest Elementary Schools. Rich has background as a physical education teacher but has expanded and included technology topics such as coding, drones, Chromebooks, G-Suite for Education, and others into his area of expertise for Monongalia County Schools. On this episode we discuss his coding/drone club with 4th grade gifted students and Monongalia County’s 1:1 Chromebook initiative. Rich will also be presenting on his coding & drone program and the West Virginia Statewide Technology Conference July 18 through 20 in Morgantown, WV.

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Bill Smith, Superintendent of Cabell County Schools, will join the podcast to look back at his educational career as his retirement from Cabell County Schools approaches.

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