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Create a Math Quiz in Microsoft Forms

Are you a math teacher looking for a way to create online assessments with the tools provided to you by Microsoft as a part of Office 365? You can now build a math assessment in Microsoft Forms. It is really easy to build your quiz. First navigate to https://forms.office.com and ...
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Chrome Extensions for Citations

Students and teachers often times struggle to remember the various formats for citations of sources they may be using for work in their classes. Today on EdTech Shorts, we’ll look at a few options for creating citations of your sources using Chrome Extensions. Apogee (Link) Apogee is a citation maker ...
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Insert Learning

Insert Learning (Chrome Extension) saves teachers and students time while keeping students engaged. Teachers can insert questions, discussions, and insight directly into any website. When students go to that website, they can respond to those questions and discussions, see that insight, and take their own notes. Here are some tips on ...
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Microsoft Educator Community

If you are looking for a way to connect and collaborate with other educators, find trainings and lessons for your classroom, and earn badges and certificates to better your skills with technology in the classroom; then you need to check out the Microsoft Educator Community. Some of the awesome things ...
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Minecraft: Education Edition

How do we get Minecraft: Education Edition? West Virginia If you're an educator in West Virginia then you may be aware that in June of 2018, the West Virginia Department of Education was able to license Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) for ALL (approximately) 300,000 users in our Office 365 tenant ...
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Yo! Teach featuring Chris Nesi

Previously on EdTech Shorts we shared NAME REDACTED as a replacement for the recently shut down Today’s Meet. On today’s episode we’ll be hearing about another free alternative call Yo! Teach. To share this tool with us is Chris Nesi (Twitter, Website)from the House of #EdTech podcast. He recently featured ...
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Flipgrid Updates

In addition to announcing that Flipgrid was now 100% free in June, Flipgrid has listened to feedback from it’s users and made some awesome updates. Grid Launchpad With Grid Launchpad now released, passwords are no longer needed to setup your grid for your community. There are various ways to do ...
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Flipgrid Do’s and Don’ts

Flipgrid has published a list of Do’s and Don’ts for getting started using Flipgrid in your classroom. Do’s
  • Do read Flipgrid’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  • Do follow your school policies around using the application and sharing with other schools
  • Do clean up the student content when you ...
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Flipgrid Video Control Questions

While doing some professional development recently on Flipgrid I was asked a couple of questions that I wanted to share here on EdTech Shorts. Can a student hide or delete a video? There are a few ways that a video can be hidden or deleted.
  1. If a student included ...
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Flipgrid Tips for Camera Shy Students

Not all students are 100% comfortable in front of the camera. Using Flipgrid can be hard for them. On this episode I am sharing tips for helping students who may be a bit camera shy (shared from Flipgrid’s own help pages (https://help.flipgrid.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003079854-Camera-Shy-Tips-for-all-Students).
  1. Use the moderation settings
  2. Cover the camera
  3. ...
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