EdTech Shorts


Do you want to provide your students a way to share their voice in the classroom? Use Flipgrid! Check out some examples of how I am using Flipgrid for my podcast at https://randallblack.com/flipgrid or how Dr. Randall Sampson is using it to #PersonalizePD for educators at https://randallblack.com/Sampson. ...
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Spanish Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Windows

Do you teach Spanish and have trouble adding in the accented characters when typing in Windows? You can easily do so by using some of the examples in this episode or checking out this webpage: Spanish Lesson: How to type Spanish Characters ...
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The References Tab in Microsoft Word

Did you know that you can store and insert citations and bibliographic information very easily in Microsoft Word? Just head to the references tab and get started! ...
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Certify’em & Google Forms

Certify’em allows a Form creator to automatically issue out certificates to those who complete a quiz, test, or assessment created in Forms. This add-on is currently free and offers up several free templates to use for your certificates. You also can easily create your own following the instructions or find ...
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Save a Word Document as a PDF

Did you know you can easily save any Word Document as a fully compliant Adobe PDF file? Just choose Save As… from the File Menu and then “PDF document” from the file type when saving ...
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