Flipgrid is Free!

I know I just announced a summer hiatus, but this news was too much not to put out an episode.

Flipgrid has recently announced some big news. They were acquired by Microsoft as a part of the technology giants move to regain market share in education.

In announcing this acquisition, they also announced that Flipgrid has become FREE for all educators. If you were an educator who had subscribed you will be receiving a prorated refund from Microsoft of the unused portion of your subscription. This means that you know have access to unlimited grids and all the features that were previously available only to Flipgrid Classroom subscribers. This could be a game changer for a lot of classrooms. If you haven’t signed up for Flipgrid yet, head over to Flipgrid.com and do so today and get started using it with your students when we return in the fall (and if you’re a WV Educator, you can sign-in using your Office 365 account).

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