Minecraft: Education Edition 1.7 Update w/Code Builder Included

Microsoft’s recent update to version 1.7 of the Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) software has made it even easier for educators to incorporate the coding aspects into their Minecraft curriculum. Now that Code Builder is built-in to the M:EE software, students no longer need to run a separate program to learn and use Code Builder. They simply press the “C” key on their keyboard and the Code Builder interface will load on their screen. They have a few choices of curriculum available that will help them to learn to code in M:EE and explore their creativity in the product.

If you are a West Virginia educator interested in learning the basics of M:EE and ways you might be able to implement it into your classroom, there are several regional training, or Boot Camp, sessions taking place across the state. For more information or to register, visit http://svhs.wayn.k12.wv.us/bootcamp.

If you’re interested in M:EE but are not sure where to start, visit https://RandallBlack.com/Minecraft for information and resources to help you get started. Also there you can listen to a previous episode of EdTech Shorts about M:EE.

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