NAME REDACTED – A Digital Pinboard

With Today’s Meet announcing that they are shutting down as of June 16, 2018, a lot of teachers and educational conference presenters might be looking for alternatives to replace this great back-channel tool. NAME REDACTED is one that should be considered.

NAME REDACTED is no longer available as a digital pinboard service. The website and name have been taken over by a fairly aggressive individual claiming to hold a trademark on the name and have been repeatedly harassing myself over this posting and podcast episode on the website. A search of the USPTO database shows that there is currently (10/17/2020) no registered trademark for the name. They are also not pursuing any actions the dozens of other content producers and educators who have mentioned this previous product on their sites and blogs. This blatant attempt to bully someone because their site came up higher in the Google search results for a name they did not do much research on before co-opting it is sad and inexcusable. I have now been threatened with court injunctions and potential lawsuits by this individual for maintaining an archive of a no longer active podcast.

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