Non-Traditional Instructional Days for Inclement Weather

West Virginia has made a change in the state law in relation to school instructional days and inclement weather. The changes in the law provide for school districts to provide Non-Traditional Instructional (NTI) days. These days provide for students to complete assignments as part of a “Snow Packet” from home in lieu of attending school for the day due to the weather conditions. These days would not have to be made up as were done in the past. The district that I now work for, Wayne County Schools, has implemented NTI days for this school year. Today on the show we’re going to get some input from a student, my son Mikey, who is being tasked with completing these “Snow Packets” at home in lieu of attending school for the day or making up the instructional time.

Educator New Year’s Resolutions

I have been reaching out and asking other educators what their educator New Year’s resolutions are for 2019 and wanted to share two of those with you on the show today before I give you my own. Phil Strunk (website, Twitter) and Shane Lawrence (Twitter, Podcast) both shared their Educator New Year’s Resolutions with the show.

I have made my own list of New Year’s Resolutions as an educator that I wanted to share with you this episode. These are all designed to help me to become better in my current role and to help me be better prepared should I return full-time to a classroom position, but to also help me as a podcaster to share out some great content with my listeners.

  1. Produce more concise and timely episodes of The Randall Black Show.
  2. Continue with EdTech Shorts and expand into other topics/areas of content.
  3. Renew expiring certifications (Google Certified Educator, Microsoft Certified Educator, etc.)
  4. Help at least one teacher a week to use a new piece of technology in their classroom.
  5. Get back to being more involved with my PLN on social media.
  6. Keep reminding myself, and others, that it is okay to fail. Failure is feedback. And feedback is the breakfast of champions.

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