Podcasting in Education w/Jeff Bradbury

Today’s podcast features a conversation with Jeff Bradbury of the TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network (@teachercast and TeacherCast.net). Jeff also serves as the Coordinator of Instructional Technology at Westwood Regional School District where he works with teachers and students to meaningfully integrate technology into the classroom. We discuss the idea of podcasting in education by looking at the idea of what a podcast really is and the benefits for both students and educators.

I introduce a new feature to the show today, the Question of the Show! Today’s Question of the Show is, “As an educator, if you’re on Twitter and have your tweets protected, why?” Head over to the RandallBlack.com Flipgrid to provide a response.

I have also setup a new way to provide some feedback on the podcast by going to the new RandallBlack.com Flipgrid!

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