Randall Black currently hosts or produces several podcasts in the educational world. You can check out any of them by clicking on the cover art in the chart below.

Randall Black is an educator and technology specialist from West Virginia. His time in the classroom, as a social studies teacher and a technology trainer, and as an educational technology support team member has molded his views on education. He uses this podcast as a creative outlet for him to share his own views and ideas on topics of his interest as well as educational topics and successes among other members of his PLN (professional learning network).
Join Randall Black every Tuesday and Saturday as he shares quick and simple EdTech tips for educators to make their job easier. It's because we should all be working smarter; not harder.
The Howl Cast is the official podcast of Spring Valley High School. Join Randy Black, Technology Systems Operator, and Will Totten, Assistant Principal, each week as they share announcements, upcoming events, cafeteria menus, and student and teacher successes from the home of your Timberwolves.
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