Why Should I Be a Connected Educator?

https://pinecast.com/listen/aed29090-230c-4f3f-90f3-1bd7605f9f0f.mp3As the Internet has become more and more pervasive in our everyday lives educators from around the world have been looking for ways to harness this to continue their professional growth outside of the traditional professional development that their districts and schools have provided. This has led to the growth of being a connected educator. … Continue reading “Why Should I Be a Connected Educator?”

1:1 in Pickerington Local Schools w/Brian Seymour

https://pinecast.com/listen/572dff68-8c25-4436-9d05-edcaa75ba2f0.mp3Brian Seymour (@seymoureducate) is the Directory of Instructional Technology for the Pickerington Local School District (PLSD) in Pickerington, OH. PLSD is the largest district in the state of Ohio to have a 1:1 initiative providing a device for every student. On this episodes of the show, we discuss the program, preparation, and an upcoming Google … Continue reading “1:1 in Pickerington Local Schools w/Brian Seymour”