Much like Participate Chats, TweetDeck is a great alternative to the Twitter app or web interface for taking part in an #EdChat. By doing something as simple as adding a column to your TweetDeck, you can easily follow along a conversation based around a specific hashtag, or other criteria. If you’re interested in seeing a […]

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Participate Chats (@ParticipateChat)

If you’ve ever tried to take part in an #EdChat on Twitter using Twitter’s app or web interface, then you probably become frustrated and ran away from the experience. A better way to take part is to use Participate Chats! You can find this awesome tool online at

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Wins and Losses w/Phil Strunk

Today’s episode features Phil Strunk (@MrPStrunk). Phil is a 7th grade social studies teacher at Johnson-Williams Middle School in Berryville, VA. He is also the host of the Wins and Losses podcast ( and founder of the #waledchat on Twitter. Phil, despite being early in his career, has a tremendous grasp on reflection as a […]

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