1:1 in Pickerington Local Schools w/Brian Seymour

https://pinecast.com/listen/572dff68-8c25-4436-9d05-edcaa75ba2f0.mp3Brian Seymour (@seymoureducate) is the Directory of Instructional Technology for the Pickerington Local School District (PLSD) in Pickerington, OH. PLSD is the largest district in the state of Ohio to have a 1:1 initiative providing a device for every student. On this episodes of the show, we discuss the program, preparation, and an upcoming Google … Continue reading “1:1 in Pickerington Local Schools w/Brian Seymour”

Coding, Drones, and 1:1 w/Rich Senatore

https://pinecast.com/listen/70a8d44d-0739-4133-b8aa-e0bc4823e9dd.mp3Rich Senatore works as a Technology Integration Specialist at Mylan Park and Suncrest Elementary Schools. Rich has background as a physical education teacher but has expanded and included technology topics such as coding, drones, Chromebooks, G-Suite for Education, and others into his area of expertise for Monongalia County Schools. On this episode we discuss his … Continue reading “Coding, Drones, and 1:1 w/Rich Senatore”

Chrome: Books, Boxes, Bases, and Bits

During the current school year, Cabell County Schools has begun to implement Chromebooks into English/Language Arts (ELA) and Health classrooms. These devices have always been a bit of a “no-go” for me as a Technology Integration Specialist (TIS). The main reason why is that the build quality has not been that great on most of … Continue reading “Chrome: Books, Boxes, Bases, and Bits”