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Anchor is BAD for Podcasting

Anchor.fm Anchor.fm is currently in their third iteration as a service (as of August 2018) and have tried to disrupt the podcast space. In late July 2018, 1 out of every 3 new podcasts submitted to Apple Podcasts was hosted on Anchor. At the same time, about 80% of all shows hosted on Anchor have

Advice for New Technology Integration Specialists (TISs)

After a quick exchange with a colleague on Twitter, I thought I would share my advice for anyone taking on a role as a Technology Integration Specialist (TIS). The Three Types of Teachers Prepare for, what I call, the three types of teachers in regards to technology. I wrote about this previously in a reflection

Debunked: 5 myths about classroom technology

Debunked: 5 myths about classroom technology https://t.co/UYOulWObGj via @eschoolnews — Anna Johansson (@Number1AnnaJo) May 8, 2017 Anna Johansson looks at 5 myths that a lot of educators have used to argue against incorporating more technology into their classroom. Each of these five were reasons that I heard in my own experiences as a teacher and

Chrome Extensions: Handy Tools or an Admin’s Biggest Nightmare?

Google Chrome is my default browser at work. I use it every day on my Windows 10 device because of it’s broader compatibility with various websites and web standards. I use several different Chrome extensions to make my job and life easier at times, but have recently had to combat them in the educational technology

The Home Button on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is NOT Customer Repairable?

This article from iFixIt outlines the repairability of the home button on Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.  Not a good move, in my opinion, by Apple on this, but I understand it from a security perspective.

Chrome: Books, Boxes, Bases, and Bits

During the current school year, Cabell County Schools has begun to implement Chromebooks into English/Language Arts (ELA) and Health classrooms. These devices have always been a bit of a “no-go” for me as a Technology Integration Specialist (TIS). The main reason why is that the build quality has not been that great on most of

Goal Setting in the WV Teacher Evaluation System

Beginning last year, West Virginia changed the way that teachers were evaluated each year.  Gone are the days of a teacher with more than 5 years of experience not being evaluated ever again without their own request, a deficiency noted by their supervisor, or other extenuating circumstances.  Now every teacher is evaluated every year. This

Rant Against Lazy High School Teacher

A great video to illustrate how that students need something different today.  I will readily admit that I taught this way for so long, but now refuse to do it.  Thank you for waking me up!

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