Chrome: Books, Boxes, Bases, and Bits

During the current school year, Cabell County Schools has begun to implement Chromebooks into English/Language Arts (ELA) and Health classrooms. These devices have always been a bit of a “no-go” for me as a Technology Integration Specialist (TIS). The main reason why is that the build quality has not been that great on most of … Continue reading “Chrome: Books, Boxes, Bases, and Bits”

Goal Setting in the WV Teacher Evaluation System

Beginning last year, West Virginia changed the way that teachers were evaluated each year.  Gone are the days of a teacher with more than 5 years of experience not being evaluated ever again without their own request, a deficiency noted by their supervisor, or other extenuating circumstances.  Now every teacher is evaluated every year. This … Continue reading “Goal Setting in the WV Teacher Evaluation System”