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Ways to “Filter” YouTube in the Classroom

YouTube is a tremendous site that offers up so much great, and sometimes not-so-great, content that can be used in the classroom. The problem is that there can be ads and links to other videos that may not be the best for the classroom. There are a few ways that you can combat this and

PCS – Not receiving scans from the copiers? Here is how to fix it!

Formative Assessment Tips from Graphite and Common Sense Education

Check out these great tips on using formative assessment apps in your classroom:

Linking Lesson Plans to Courses in OnCourse Connect


Previously I had incorporated a music video from “Weird Al” Yankovic into my classroom teaching.  The video for his parody of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA,” “Party at the CIA” allowed me, in a very humorous way, to introduce the concept of the CIA and what they did in their early years when teaching

Pecha Kucha, What a Novel Idea!

As I was doing research and preparing for an upcoming professional development session I will be presenting at the end of July, I came across something that I was completely unfamiliar with.  The Pecha Kucha Presentation. The name stuck out to me so much that I had to investigate it further.  In that investigation I

Loopy App Used on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

This has nothing to do with my TIS position or the schools, but I thought this video was amazing. Jimmy Fallon used Loopy, by A Tasty Pixel, from his iPad on his show the other night to sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” with guest Billy Joel. Check it out:

What Can You Do With An iPad?

Amazing video here from Sean Junkins on the benefits of using iPads in the classroom:

WVDE WebTop YouTube Video Whitelist

A colleague of mine, Mr. Jason Jackson at Huntington East Middle School, recently created a video that shows teachers how to use the WVDE WebTop to request a video be Whitelisted for access through the state computer network. You can watch the clip here, or click more to see it embedded on this post. Not

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