Ways to “Filter” YouTube in the Classroom

YouTube is a tremendous site that offers up so much great, and sometimes not-so-great, content that can be used in the classroom. The problem is that there can be ads and links to other videos that may not be the best for the classroom. There are a few ways that you can combat this and make it much easier to “filter” the content  you show or share with your students from YouTube.

My preferred method for WV Educators is to use the YouTube White-list available through WebTop. Teachers, Administrators, and Staff can login to WebTop and request for a video to be white-listed through the state filter. There is an ongoing list of white-listed videos on the site tagged by content area and/or purpose so that you can find lots of videos that may already be available for you through this service. These videos also playback full screen and have ads and linked/related videos removed to avoid those being shown to your students.

My friend and colleague, Jason Jackson, created a quick tutorial video on making a request for the white-list a few years ago. I have shared it on my blog before, but I have included it here as well.

Another option that I like it ViewPure. ViewPure does the same thing as the WVDE White-list, but is great for educators not in WV who do not have access to the white-list. The catch with ViewPure, if you are in WV, is that you will still need to provide your WebTop credentials to see the video. This doesn’t help if you are supplying the video to students through an LMS or OneNote Class Notebook because they won’t be able to access it.

I have included a video from David Walsh on YouTube that explains ViewPure and shows you how it works.