Minecraft: Education Edition

How do we get Minecraft: Education Edition

West Virginia

If you’re an educator in West Virginia then you may be aware that in June of 2018, the West Virginia Department of Education was able to license Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) for ALL (approximately) 300,000 users in our Office 365 tenant. All users have successfully been licensed and there is no need on any educator or student’s part to worry about obtaining a license.


To obtain licensing for M:EE, visit this page: Get Started | Minecraft: Education Edition

Why use Minecraft: Education Edition?

Minecraft: Education Edition is a collaborative and versatile platform that educators can use across subjects to encourage 21st-century skills. This makes for an awesome tool to use in the classroom that students are already using in their leisure time. M:EE provides an open canvas for creativity and experimentation for students and teachers. With the additional tools as part of Code Connection and the Classroom Mode for Teachers, classroom usage takes on a different experience that playing Minecraft at home.

How do I get started?

System Requirements:

This question is asked often as educators are becoming more aware of M:EE. To use M:EE your computers or devices need to meet the following requirements:

Windows 10/10s or MacOS (OS X 10.9 Mavericks or higher) – If your system meets the minimum requirement outlined by Microsoft and Apple to run the current version of their operating systems, then it will run M:EE.

**NEW** M:EE is now available for iPad (iOS 9 or higher) devices and can be found in the iOS App Store. **NEW**

M:EE is NOT compatible with Chromebooks or Android devices at this time. Microsoft has provided no evidence that it will be made available on any other platforms.

Other Resources:

Below are links to other pages and resources to help in finding ways to use M:EE in your classroom or school:

Getting Started:

Getting Started with Minecraft: Education Edition

**NEW** Minecraft: Education Edition on iPad **NEW**

**NEW** My Minecraft Journey **NEW** (Microsoft Educator Community Login Required)

Video Tutorials on Microsoft Stream from WVDE (WVDE Office 365 login Required)

Minecraft: Education Edition Channel on YouTube

Find a Lesson

Find a World

Minecraft Chat Commands


Code Builder

Minecraft: Hour of Code


Chemistry in Minecraft


My Minecraft Classroom and M:EE Community (Login/Signup Required)

Minecraft Group on Yammer (WVDE Office 365 Login Required)



Knowledge Base

Official Downloads Page

Official Deployment Guide

Other Resources:

Minecraft Posts from Rachel Moravec

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