Randall Black

Educator, EdTech Specialist, & Podcaster

Podcast Consulting

Do you listen to podcasts? Have you ever thought, “Hey! I think I can do that!” If you’re looking to get started with a podcast Randall would love to help you out.

Randall has been involved in the educational podcasting space since 2007 and has helped other educator to get started with or improve their podcasts for several years. Randall is also an active member of several podcast community groups on Facebook and has connections with several top education, and non-education, podcasters through those connections.

How can Randall help you get started or refine your product? Here is how:

    • Find your “Why?” for doing your podcast. This will help to clearly define your vision and develop a strategy to best meet the level of success you are wanting to achieve.
    • Let’s define your “avatar” or target audience member? Who are they? What do they do?
    • Develop your style to hook your audience and get them coming back for more.
    • Do you need an editor? We can work on a solution that best fits your goals, needs, and budget.
    • What should I name my podcast? Why does my name confuse listeners or potential listeners? Randall can help you to develop a name that conveys what your show is about and hook in that new listener before they have even heard you speak.
    • What are the podcasting myths that I should avoid? Randall will help you avoid the classic podcasting myths and cliches that will only hinder you from getting started or being successful.
    • What is a media host? Do I need one? Can I host on my own web host? What about Google Drive? Archive.org? Randall will help you find the best media host to meet your goals, needs, and budget.
    • Aren’t microphones expensive? Do I need a mixer? Randall can help you determine the best equipment to get you started that is within your budget.
    • And so much more!

Contact Randall to get started and see how he can best meet the individual needs of you and your podcast.

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